Top 6: Must-Do’s In Moscow
Red Square
Take a tour of the beautiful Red Square
Red Square is a city square in Moscow, Russia. Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow since Moscow's major streets, which connect to Russia's major highways, originate from the square. The buildings surrounding the Square are all significant in some respect. Nearby to the South is the elaborate brightly domed Saint Basil's Cathedral and the palaces and cathedrals of the Kremlin. On the Eastern side of the square is the GUM department store. The Northern side is occupied by the State Historical Museum. The Iberian Gate and Chapel have been rebuilt to the Northwest.
Tretyakov Gallery
Get inspired by Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world. The collection contains more than 130,000 exhibits, ranging from Theotokos of Vladimir and Andrei Rublev's Trinity to the monumental Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky and the Black Square by Kazimir Malevich. Near the Gallery of modern art there is a sculpture garden called "the graveyard of fallen monuments" that displays statues of former Soviet Union that were relocated.
GUM (department store)
GUM (department store) - Famous shopping Mall
GUM is the name of the main department store in many cities of the former Soviet Union, known as State Department Store during the Soviet times. The most famous GUM is the large store in the Kitai-gorod part of Moscow facing Red Square. It is currently a shopping mall. It is about the same size as a large North American shopping mall. The glass-​roofed design made the building unique at the time of construction. The roof, the diameter of which is 46 ft, looks light, but it is a firm construction made of more than 50,000 metal pods, capable of supporting snowfall accumulation.
Bolshoi Theatre
Visit the Bolshoi Theatre
The Bolshoi Theatre is a historic theatre in Moscow, Russia which holds performances of ballet and opera. The Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera are amongst the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. The main building of the theatre, rebuilt and renovated several times during its history, is a landmark of Moscow and Russia. The Bolshoi Theatre is famous throughout the world. It is frequented by tourists. As a result, prices can be much higher than in other Russian theatres. This is especially the case for ballet, where prices are comparable to those for performances in the West.
Tverskaya Street
Must see: Nightlife of Tverskaya Street
Tverskaya Street, known as Gorky Street, is the main and probably best-known radial street in Moscow. The street runs Northwest from the central Manege Square in the direction of Saint Petersburg and terminates at the Garden Ring, giving the name to Tverskoy District. Tverskaya Street is the most expensive shopping street in Moscow and Russia. It is now the third most expensive street in the world, based on commercial rental fees. It is the center of the city's nightlife and entertainment.
Arbat Street
Have a walk down Moscow's Arbat Street
Arbat Street is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical centre of Moscow. The Arbat has also become an important tourist attraction because of the many historic buildings, and due to the numerous artists who have lived and worked on the street. It has several notable statues, including one to Princess Turandot in front of the Vakhtangov Theatre, and another to Soviet-era folk singer, bard and poet Bulat Okudzhava, who wrote several poignant songs about the Arbat. It also contains numerous restaurants, including The Hard Rock Cafe.